Volunteer Positions

How To Become A Volunteer

We are so excited that you have taken interest in how to volunteer with our ministry. Each position will require you to have a training session with me to go over our volunteer packet and have you learn about what is expected. You MUST work well with kids and have no criminal history that would prevent you from doing so. I am looking forward to the opportunity to make a difference in our community together. 

School Training Coordinator

This position is a front-line position and very vital in connecting our mission to the kids. I need 1-2 coordinators for every district to work with the schools contact and train about the operation and answering any questions. they may have. If it is a new school you will be required to help with the first drop off event to make sure it runs smoothly. You will be responsible for a bus key ( after trial period ) and making sure the schools have them for their given days. You will be their direct contact to communicate with about any questions they may have.

School Scheduling Expert

You will be the first contact with the schools on getting the bus to them. I will provide you with an email address and access to our separate number to make and receive phone calls. Along with that you will be  included in my personal calendar to make sure the scheduling runs smoothly, and no other previous obligations have been scheduled. You will need to be available during school hours to talk with them when they are free and set up meetings and drop off dates. 

Bus Chauffeur

Your main responsibility will be to move the bus from school to school as needed, this is an evening position. If not in use it will need to be parked at our location in Rock Island. You will need someone to help you with this position as you will have to leave your car at the point of pickup (or get dropped off) and drop it off somewhere else. You will need to talk with me about this certification and have a good driving record.

Message Master

We get many messages and emails daily, we need 1-2 people who can take over this task. You will need to have knowledge of our operation, amazing communication skills and the ability to answer in a timely manner. You will be required to answer and/or forward emails to the appropriate person. You can have set evening hours and establish that as a response time but you must keep them consistent. This position calls for someone who is very good with organization. 

Bus Stocker

This is a weekend position and can be done at any time that works best for you. Would love to have 2-3 people. It will be your responsibility to come and assess what is needed and hang the clothing back up. Some of this might include light sorting of clothing as well and organizing. You will need to keep tally of sizes we need more of and relaying the message to me, so we can work on getting the need filled. You will need to be able to lift totes and carry them a distance. 

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