"Thank you Maddie's Closet for reaching out to our community for my family. We had a rough season where we were in a crunch financially due to my husband's job being on shut down. We managed all Summer to get by. I prayed and prayed for God to provide. I trusted and had Faith that he would show us. Not even 24 hours after I had my "God Moment" and laid it all in his hands...I found you! We were provided with more food than we needed and someone even surprised us with a $25 HyVee gift card! My daughter was ready for her first day of school thanks to your Eat, Shop, and Style event too! I have been overwhelmed with love and generosity. I am so happy to use Maddie's Closet to give back! I will forever donate my kiddos clothes to you :) thank you again "

 " My girls age 13 and 16 love shopping at Maddie's Closet. They have so much fun and get much needed items which we struggle to provide!" Mom and Dad can sit and know that the helpful personal shoppers are taking good care of our girls so they can fit in at school and have some of the tihngs they want but we could not afford.The look of Joy after discovering a pair of Uggs was so precious but nothing compared to the excitement as she screamed, They fit!!!" All her friends have them and now so does she!" 

" Look what I got! I have wanted a backpack like this for a long time."

"If it wasn't for getting this dress I would not be able to go to homecoming." 

“Our elementary students were so excited that they got this individual "shopping spree" experience. Their faces lit up when they walked onto the bus and their smiles were even bigger after they found clothes that fit their unique style. This is an amazing organization and I can't wait to see how it evolves!”